Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blender Issues...

It was a great weekend of accomplishment —
  • PHYSICALLY (two great walks + a kick ass swim session with my son — makes a mama proud!)
  • MENTALLY (transitioning into my independence since buying a condo, cleaning/decorating my space and focusing on my son)
  • INNOVATIVELY (if you consider cooking and decorating innovative!)
I've been craving soup and mojitos lately.

In both instances, it was experimental... and in both instances, it felt necessary to bring out a device with blades. So, I guess you could say, this weekend was also blendistastrous and blenderrific.

The first instance of unexpected results happened while trying to process an incredible mexican soup — cilantro, potato, carrots, fire-roasted tomatoes, pollo asado and pasillo peppers, with sauteed garlic and onion.

It sounds delightful doesn't it? Can you imagine a creamy soup with those flavors?

Well, the veggies were not quite yet cooked, so the blended version was definitely short of the creamy concoction I anticipated.

Let's just say... crunchy potatoes... not so good.

Then today, while making those anticipated mojitos... well, I kinda forgot to mash the mint with the sugar, and then, ran short on lime juice, so... I blended the first half of the first drink with a variety of new ingredients in the blender.

When I blended it, it didn't turn into the drink I anticipated, rather, the mint and froth all rose to the top. Blech. Let's just say, tidbits of mint in the teeth... not so good.

I had to strain the mint in order to get a good drink out of it but ultimately, such yumminess!

Lesson: When you blend mint in the blender, strain before drinking AND don't blend veggies before they're cooked.

Random. I know.

My life, nonetheless.

It's a great mojito recipe though!

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