Saturday, September 3, 2011

Aha!'s and Serendipity—A Ripple in Action

Recently, my neighbor Nancy and I decided it was time to exchange phone numbers. As usual, we got to talking. I invited her into the condo and shared the designs I was working on.

A few days later, I arrived home to find this striking book, with a gorgeous red and white flower pattern screen printed on the textile cover. It had an embossed/UV coated belly band in lipstick-red copy titled, "Florence Broadhurst, Her Secret & Extraordinary Lives." 

Besides the book being incredibly aesthetically appealing, the title had me hooked. I opened it immediately. As I was perusing the pages of insane wallpaper patterns on my front balcony, Nancy walked by. "Hope you like it," she said. I thanked her and snuck in to my condo for a closer look. 
LIKE IT would be an understatement.

When I refer to the ripple—that each one of us can be—Nancy's thoughtfulness was a testament to it. Beyond my gratitude for her generosity, the content of this book was SO inspiring, that it led to a serious "Aha!" moment.

I th
ought back to a conversation I had with my friend Jennifer Jackman, who, along with her husband, Terry Ribera, started Tigerama Publishing and Terry Ribera's Remington Tattoo Parlor. We've been encouraging one another and sharing resources and inspiration as we've ventured into the social media and blogospheres to promote our businesses. One day, I was struggling with clearly defining my focus. She asked me, "What's your thing?"

After reading the story of this incredibly interesting woman, Florence Broadhurst, and seeing the intricacies of the wallpaper patterns she created,
it was apparent—I am completely and utterly drawn to patterns

From there, I started experiencing serendipitous connections.
I learned, shortly thereafter, that the fantastic "bat" wallpaper, Elysium Fields (that Jen shared with me previously), was created by Flavor Paper, which just so happens to be owned by a friend-of-a-good-friend. Then, days later, they were featured on, which I had recently signed up for.


I think not. ;~)

So, get used to the patterns people! It's my thing and you'll be seeing it in everything we do. And if you know another patternaholic like myself, send them our way for a follow and to share the inspiration.

And... don't forget to BE A RIPPLE.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Terry Ribera's Remington Tattoo Parlor in North Park! Now OPEN for Business!

OK, so I know that I have not previously mentioned anything about tattoos but, it probably goes without saying that ANYTHING art related—especially those things that have passion and a history behind them—and especially those people who tirelessly promote the things they love, are going to be high on my list of I-want-to-promote-you activities. So, it is, with absolute fabulousness, that I introduce you to Terry Ribera's Remington Tattoo Parlor in North Park, recently open for business in San Diego. If you're a tattoo lover, and want amazement, call to schedule now, he's already booked solid. And bookmark his link for future reference, just in case you get a wild hair up your ass, you'll have plenty of time to reconsider ;~).

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Remedy is the Experience

This is me... IN SPIRIT ;~)p.

Looking SO forward to my trip back to Humboldt with my son!

The redwood trees.
Good friends.

It's been 20 years since I graduated from HSU. That place holds so many amazing memories for me.

Friends, families, fun, forests and Facebook. Five F-words I'll happily shout from the rooftops. Add food and well, you've pretty much made my day. Thanks to Facebook for reconnecting us again.

It's been about the same length of time since I've seen most of my friends. I have no doubt we'll fall back into place in our friendships, and our kids will have a blast regardless.

Hoping for a nice beach day in there somewhere... and DEFINITELY a hike (daily? we'll be so close!) in the forest!

I've been googling pics of the redwoods so I could show my son how AWESOME they are. I was really trying to convey their grandeur. I'm so looking forward to seeing them! I think I'll be blown away all over again and I hope, at some point, I can capture their magnificence and bring back a good photo or two for the walls of the condo.

As I was surfing the web, I randomly stumbled across a website: Cathedral Grove, where I found all of the pictures featured in this post. These people are the PASSIONATE protectors of our beautiful redwoods.

While browsing the site, I came across this pretty amazing live art demonstration for the cause. It's beautiful and eerie and creates an impact.

I'm seriously looking forward to reconnecting with the redwoods and their power.

I've been feeling power-full lately.

Feeling good. In control, strong—creatively, mentally, spiritually—physically active, more healthy, engaged, giving my best, in the moment, filling time with quality experiences ... that's how I'm defining it these days.

I'm going to try to do something that feels good every day. I hope you'll do the same. We all deserve to feel good!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blender Issues...

It was a great weekend of accomplishment —
  • PHYSICALLY (two great walks + a kick ass swim session with my son — makes a mama proud!)
  • MENTALLY (transitioning into my independence since buying a condo, cleaning/decorating my space and focusing on my son)
  • INNOVATIVELY (if you consider cooking and decorating innovative!)
I've been craving soup and mojitos lately.

In both instances, it was experimental... and in both instances, it felt necessary to bring out a device with blades. So, I guess you could say, this weekend was also blendistastrous and blenderrific.

The first instance of unexpected results happened while trying to process an incredible mexican soup — cilantro, potato, carrots, fire-roasted tomatoes, pollo asado and pasillo peppers, with sauteed garlic and onion.

It sounds delightful doesn't it? Can you imagine a creamy soup with those flavors?

Well, the veggies were not quite yet cooked, so the blended version was definitely short of the creamy concoction I anticipated.

Let's just say... crunchy potatoes... not so good.

Then today, while making those anticipated mojitos... well, I kinda forgot to mash the mint with the sugar, and then, ran short on lime juice, so... I blended the first half of the first drink with a variety of new ingredients in the blender.

When I blended it, it didn't turn into the drink I anticipated, rather, the mint and froth all rose to the top. Blech. Let's just say, tidbits of mint in the teeth... not so good.

I had to strain the mint in order to get a good drink out of it but ultimately, such yumminess!

Lesson: When you blend mint in the blender, strain before drinking AND don't blend veggies before they're cooked.

Random. I know.

My life, nonetheless.

It's a great mojito recipe though!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

How Gaia Greetings Came to Be—My Story. Revised.

Gaia Greetings is the combination of a childhood passion, the "Humboldt influence (not THAT influence),” and the ever so perfect unfolding of my life since I became a single mom.

Flash back circa late 70’s when drawing was my thing. My best friend and I colored "gorgeous" greeting cards. We went door-to-door in our neighborhood, selling our precious original works of art at bargain prices. We worked on those cards for hours. And I remember, loving every minute of it.

When I first considered the idea of having my own business—in 2000—the idea was quite simple. I wanted to start an environmentally friendly (THAT Humboldt influence) company selling recycled paper greeting cards.

I enrolled in San Diego City College—where they had a stellar graphic design program—just for the sake of learning. That path ultimately led me to my current 9-5—as the (Print) Production Manager for a cross-media branding agency—where I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience—not to mention some amazing relationships with some amazing folks—in the printing industry.

I have always prescribed to the philosophy that what's meant to be will, and though I may not have always understood why I was faced with certain challenges, I believed they were happening for a reason. My goal was always to learn from them, whether the meaning of the experience was clear to me at the time or not.

It wasn't until recently that I could view my life from a big picture perspective. These days, I understand how the evolution of my life has laid the groundwork for my future and led me to this point. Today, I can confidently assert that I am exactly where I'm meant to be at this moment in time. And—even more amazing—the more I commit to my purpose and passion, the more support, love and encouragement I receive—exactly the things I need to keep me going.

Flash back circa 2004. Enter beautiful baby boy, single motherhood, a HUGE responsibility and a burning desire to lead by example. Yep. I had my "aha" moment.

In the past seven years my life has evolved from a life characterized by trepidation and lack of direction to a focused, driven life. I know now that action and calculated risks (take baby steps!), belief in myself, connection with others and working towards the greater good are the keys to conquering my fears and living my dream—a dream that has evolved into an awakening!

And while I still plan on selling recycled greeting cards, the concept for this company has morphed into such fabulousness, I'm giddy thinking about the possibilities. I’m thankful that the ideas for this company have unfolded slowly over time. Now that I’m ready, Gaia Greetings will realize it’s full potential. And I hope you’ll be as thrilled as I am. I am excited to share it with you.

With love and gratitude.

Bridget Gast

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Today's a New Day

Gasp. Swoon. Admiring and melting into utter amazement.
From Kim Tackett's collection. A picture a day for 365 days. See the full set here.

312|365 hey autumn, you can come out now