Sunday, January 9, 2011

How Gaia Greetings Came to Be—My Story. Revised.

Gaia Greetings is the combination of a childhood passion, the "Humboldt influence (not THAT influence),” and the ever so perfect unfolding of my life since I became a single mom.

Flash back circa late 70’s when drawing was my thing. My best friend and I colored "gorgeous" greeting cards. We went door-to-door in our neighborhood, selling our precious original works of art at bargain prices. We worked on those cards for hours. And I remember, loving every minute of it.

When I first considered the idea of having my own business—in 2000—the idea was quite simple. I wanted to start an environmentally friendly (THAT Humboldt influence) company selling recycled paper greeting cards.

I enrolled in San Diego City College—where they had a stellar graphic design program—just for the sake of learning. That path ultimately led me to my current 9-5—as the (Print) Production Manager for a cross-media branding agency—where I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience—not to mention some amazing relationships with some amazing folks—in the printing industry.

I have always prescribed to the philosophy that what's meant to be will, and though I may not have always understood why I was faced with certain challenges, I believed they were happening for a reason. My goal was always to learn from them, whether the meaning of the experience was clear to me at the time or not.

It wasn't until recently that I could view my life from a big picture perspective. These days, I understand how the evolution of my life has laid the groundwork for my future and led me to this point. Today, I can confidently assert that I am exactly where I'm meant to be at this moment in time. And—even more amazing—the more I commit to my purpose and passion, the more support, love and encouragement I receive—exactly the things I need to keep me going.

Flash back circa 2004. Enter beautiful baby boy, single motherhood, a HUGE responsibility and a burning desire to lead by example. Yep. I had my "aha" moment.

In the past seven years my life has evolved from a life characterized by trepidation and lack of direction to a focused, driven life. I know now that action and calculated risks (take baby steps!), belief in myself, connection with others and working towards the greater good are the keys to conquering my fears and living my dream—a dream that has evolved into an awakening!

And while I still plan on selling recycled greeting cards, the concept for this company has morphed into such fabulousness, I'm giddy thinking about the possibilities. I’m thankful that the ideas for this company have unfolded slowly over time. Now that I’m ready, Gaia Greetings will realize it’s full potential. And I hope you’ll be as thrilled as I am. I am excited to share it with you.

With love and gratitude.

Bridget Gast

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