Sunday, May 31, 2009

who am i?

If I knew, I wouldn't be privy to the wonderful journey life is.

In plain terms, I am a forty and fabulous, GROWTH SEEKER, WOMAN, and MOTHER.

Because I am a MOTHER, my life has taken on new meaning.
Being a MOTHER...
... I am motivated and driven to be the best I can be.
... I want to set a kick-ass example for my son.
... I am confident in my role of protector, not only of his physical being, but of his mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.
... I understand the importance of family... however you define it.
... I feel excited about the future.

I emphasize MOTHER because it is what has made me a WOMAN.
I am this
grown up
child in progress [always in progress]
growth seeking
excited about life and possibility
intrigued by ...
... innovation
and ...
... connection
and ...
... communication
and ...
... love
and ...
... humanity
and ...
... art
and ...
... technology
and ...
...hope ...

... kind of a WOMAN.

I am also a GROWTH SEEKING SINGLE MOTHER who, without truly identifying with that element of WHO I AM, would not have had the gift of time to get to know myself and would never have reached such inspired personal revelations ;~).

As a side note, I must say, I rank self-reliance and knowing oneself pretty highly but, relying solely on yourself, particularly emotionally, is not always an easy task.

I am happy,
and grateful.
and feel blessed.

Being a SINGLE MOM motivates and drives me to...
... connect authentically
... find a way to make my ideal life happen (on my own)
... engage with many
... seek and choose positive soulful relationships
... create a village where each person gains something from the experience.
... voice my purpose
.... take calculated risks
and DO
and HOPE

It's all inside of me.

Why not?

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Welcome to my personal blog!

My hope is that it will become a place to connect with like minded individuals... a place where true authenticity reigns.
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It's a place where my personal dreams and my professional life will coincide... but the emphasis will be on my dreams... and connecting... and sharing the things that happen daily, that have a profound impact on who I am and where I am going.

I welcome you and your comments and look forward to hearing about your experiences.