Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thanks for the inspiration.

Recently, a very meaningful friendship with a very bright, yet drama-filled spirit ended. It was a mutual decision, sparked by life circumstances, that, though painful throughout the healing and dealing process, is serving me well now.

Since I have committed to Gaia Greetings, friendships and opportunities that truly serve me, my vision, and the people I am connected to, have been unfolding in the most beautiful ways.

Tonight, I'm feeling extremely grateful and inspired by those relationships, both online and in reality.

There are so many to mention but specifically, I want to give a few shout outs to the ladies and gents who have supported, inspired and nurtured me on this journey (in no particular order) …


Becky, an amazing sister, teacher, and adoring mom, with absolutely brilliant brainstorming capacity.

Erin, a dedicated, thoughtful, generous, amazingly strong woman, listener, caretaker and friend who I already miss profusely—wah :~( VIVA SHEMS!

Rachel, a bright-eyed, idea-filled, eager, gregarious, energetic wealth of resources and inspiration.

Jennifer, a sweet and hip co-collaborator and down-to-earth, amazingly-talented designer with vision, passion, and an intriguing desire to capture the history of tattoo art.



Peyton, a frank, gorgeous, mom and savvy businesswoman who is one of those WOW-I'm-so-lucky, always-there-for-me, couldn't-do-it-without-her kinda friends.


twitter: @baybirdinc

Sharon, a kind, connected, conscious, fabulous, growth-seeking woman, mom, designer, mentor, and all-around-super-supportive-soul-sister.


Lisa, an honest, driven, long-time friend, mom, confidant, laughter-lover and soul sister.

Megan, an inspired, deep, oh-so-welcome blog-stalker and amazing mom and wife with a heart of gold and a dazzling smile to match.

Naomi, a conscientious, loving, dedicated mom, wife, friend, and supporter.

Merete, a sweet, strong, connected, dedicated, and FABULOUS (in an I'm-so-grateful-to-have-her-in-my-life kinda way) friend, mom and super cool person.

Meghan, a talented, super-sweet, never-says-a-bad-word-about-anyone kinda woman and beautiful soul who I miss dearly!

Pam, a super-intelligent, kindhearted, shoot-from-the-hip, laugh-till-your-belly-hurts kinda friend who I am seriously grateful to know. One of 4 musketeers.

Tiffany, a super-funny, REAL, life-lovin', laugh-till-your-belly-hurts kinda friend who I am seriously grateful to know. One of 4 musketeers.

Buck, a super-conscious, intelligent, always-there-for-you and laugh-till-your-belly-hurts kinda friend and entertaining storyteller who I am seriously grateful to know. One of 4 musketeers.

Chris, a silly, fun-loving, super-special friend, soul-brother, supporter, and fabulous father and husband.

John, a super-silly, innovative entrepreneur and oh-so-snuggly, soul-brother, life-long friend and confidant.

Jasmine, an uber-talented, intelligent, bright-light-in-a-dim-environment, energetic, passionate spirit and collaborative partner.



twitter: @jasfitz

Lindsay, a straight shooting, lively, vivacious, creative soul, entrepreneur, and amazing brainstorming partner (in an wow-this-girl-really-knows-her-stuff kinda way) with a knack for getting to the heart of the matter, understanding and behaving appropriately. ;~) PLUS, she has the cutest, sweetest dog ever—Sadie buns—who makes me smile.


Amy, a demure, patient, sweet soul and talented web designer.

twitter: @WebCabbageCre8v

Rebecca, an involved, health-conscious, passionate artist, mom and catalyst for movement and community.

Rebecca's Fine Design:

twitter: @momartyogababe

Terri, a helpful, supportive, positive spirit with an infectious smile and a passion for photography and the environment.


twitter: @tjsimplefocus

Elizabeth, a down-to-earth, connected, amazingly talented designer, mom and kick-ass pattern designer and sketchbook project participant.

twitter: @ecdesignz


David, an involved, inspired, open, sharing, eco-conscious coach and collaborative cohort.


twitter: @davidlecours

Jeremy, a participatory, free-thinking, passionate, supportive friend, cheerleader and strong spirit.

Thanks for your support!!

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