Monday, March 15, 2010


Remembrance, In Honor of Chelsea King and Amber Dubois

Our sleepy little town was rocked recently by the murders of two bright, blue-eyed young ladies, Chelsea King and Amber Dubois. Their deaths catalyzed this community and the nation, sparking action and motivation, and an outpouring of love for the families and friends who knew these sparkling spirits.

Throughout town, there are blue ribbons tied to trees, in remembrance of their blue eyes and powerful existences. Their candlelight vigils drew over 1,000 people each, and Chelsea’s memorial service, which was packed to the hilt, drew over 5,000 people—many who knew her, many who didn’t—to celebrate her life.

Businesses in the community donated lighting, a sound system, printing, and over 8,000 sunflowers to the event. The takeaway from the service was a packet of sunflower seeds that said, “With your help, Chelsea’s Light will never dim.”

Upon the arrest of a registered and convicted sex offender, who is a suspect in both cases, Chelsea’s family immediately began a plight to effect change in our legal system. They have the backing of a multitude of government officials and everyday people whose voices are finally being heard, which, hopefully, will result in stricter sentences for these criminals.

Chelsea and Amber’s families chose to open themselves up to the love and condolences of their community, the nation, and the world, and accept the positive energy of millions of people, as they trudge through their difficult paths. The power of these messages and the amazing amount of support they have received is a testament to the force of the human spirit, and how, when we realize that we are all connected, we can collectively effect change in one another’s lives.

The soul our community has exposed brings me hope. I am saddened that it is instigated as a result of these tragedies, but the outpouring of love and tenderness that I have witnessed inspires me. I will never forget how I have been affected.

There are websites dedicated to Amber and Chelsea, to keep their memories alive:

A quote from Virgil—found on Chelsea’s mirror at home—is a resounding reminder that, together, we can effectively create a world that is worthy of living in.

“They can because they think they can.”

What about you?

How do you honor the lives of people you loved, who have passed away?

What have you done to keep their spirits alive?

Do you have traditions to honor the memories of your dearly departed?

I invite you to post your stories, trials and triumphs on the blog or feel free to send them to

To submit ideas and suggestions to reform our system and better protect our children, or for those who wish to join efforts with 75th District Assembly Member Nathan Fletcher and the King family, call 858.689.6290 or email


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